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Vol 42, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


Perspective Criticism and Preaching: Merging Character and Congregation PDF
Bryan A. Nash
Aristotle’s Poetics: Comparative Offerings to Homiletical Theory and Practice PDF
Tim Sensing
Political Theology through a History of Preaching: A Study in the Authority of Celebrity PDF
Ted A. Smith

Biblical Studies Book Reviews (Editor: J. Dwayne Howell)

Charles A. Bobertz, The Gospel of Mark: A Liturgical Reading PDF
Dawn Ottoni-Wilhelm
Sidney Greidanus, Preaching Christ from Psalms: Foundations for Expository Sermons in the Christian Year PDF
Dwayne Howell

Media/Contemporary Culture Book Reviews (Editor: Karyn Wiseman)

Aaron E. Lavender, Enduring Truth: Restoring Sound Theology and Relevance to African-American Preaching PDF
Wayne E. Croft, Sr.

Practical Theology Book Reviews (Editor: Eunjoo Mary Kim)

Joyce Ann Mercer and Bonnie Miller-McLemore, eds., Conundrums in Practical Theology PDF
Leah D. Schade
Claire E. Wolfteich, ed., Invitation to Practical Theology: Catholic Voices and Visions PDF
Duse Lee

Preaching Book Reviews (Editor: Dave Bland)

Ellen F. Davis with Austin McIver Dennis, Preaching the Luminous Word: Biblical Sermons and Homiletical Essays PDF
Dave Bland
Elizabeth Goodman, Breaking and Entering: Unexpected Sermons for an Unfinished World PDF
Aimee Moiso
David Schnasa Jacobsen, ed. Homiletical Theology in Action: The Unfinished Theological Task of Preaching PDF
Mason Lee

Theology Book Reviews (Editor: David Schnasa Jacobsen)

O. Wesley Allen Jr., Preaching and the Human Condition: Loving God, Self, and Others PDF
Duse Lee
Michael Eric Dyson, Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America PDF
L. Susan Bond
Stacey M. Floyd-Thomas, Mark G. Toulouse, Juan M. Floyd-Thomas, The Altars Where We Worship: The Religious Significance of Popular Culture PDF
J.B. Blue
Michael P. Knowles, Of Seeds and the People of God: Preaching as Parable, Crucifixion, and Testimony PDF
David Schnasa Jacobsen
Frank A. Thomas, Introduction to the Practice of African American Preaching PDF
Timothy L. Jones
Sunggu Yang, Evangelical Pilgrims from the East: Faith Fundamentals of Korean American Protestant Diasporas PDF
Yohan Go

Worship Book Reviews (Editor: Gerald C. Liu)

David T. Bradley, Erica E. Ryherd, Lauren M. Ronsse, eds., Worship Space Acoustics: 3 Decades of Design PDF
Heather Murray Elkins
Mark J. Cartledge, A. J. Swoboda, eds., Scripting Pentecost: A Study of Pentecostals, Worship, and Liturgy (Explorations in Practical, Pastoral and Empirical Theology) PDF
J. Terry Todd
Emmanuel Falque; trans. George Hughes, The Wedding Feast of the Lamb: Eros, the Body, and the Eucharist PDF
Gerald C. Liu
Nicholas Taylor, Paul on Baptism: Theology, Mission and Ministry in Context PDF
Mason Lee

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